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Everyone has experienced cutbacks but your need for services remains the same. Many of you told us you were struggling with training and management for your Sales Force. To respond to your needs, we organized our services into affordable, targeted components, for builders of all sizes.

The work we do can’t be taught standing from a podium, there are plenty of speakers to do that. We are a unique company in that we are willing to roll up our sleeves, jump in and work with your Sales Force directly– in your office, in the field, in your sales offices and your board rooms. Whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. We bring 50 years of experience in home sales. There is no other company who can provide you with such a breadth of services, experience, and products to help you achieve your goals.

What is Sales Coaching?

Coaching is the most effective training technology we utilize for sales and leadership development. It’s for people who want more from their careers and for Business Owners who want to get to the root of issues and provide solutions.

There is no more powerful tool we can use in training, than Sales Coaching. Why? Because we work one on one to discover challenges. Sometimes Sales People know their challenges, however, sometimes it takes outside observation to figure out needs. We see the fixes through ON SITE observation with LIVE prospects and conversations with Sales People. You can’t do this kind of training from a podium, it takes LIVE, in person, observation. And HBE is one of the only companies in the United States who will perform this kind of training.

We specialize in offering you:

  • LIVE Training
  • Online Sales Agent Training in your Sales Meetings
  • CD Format for you to train out
  • One on one coaching as well as group training.
  • Sales Seminars
  • Sales Retreats
  • Secret Shopping
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Training Products

Sales Coaching

  • Team Coaching
  • One on One Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


Are your Sales Agents…

  • Utilizing their downtime?
  • Touring the models?
  • Marketing prospects?
  • Following up?
  • The Best in the Business

Can your Agents get through to the tough prospects AND:

  • Qualify (using payments to tie it up today!)
  • Discover
  • Create Urgency
  • Demonstrate Your Value
  • Overcome Buyer Concerns
  • Close, Close, Close

Why is training important?

At a time when every sale is critical to a builder’s success, many Agents have either forgotten or have never learned many of the basic selling skills they absolutely need to sell homes in this market. We know this fact because we see it over and over in the secret shops we do. We start our training at the very beginning and walk them through the entire cycle of a sale. We utilize sales meetings and one on one coaching to assure success. By the time we are done, you will have the Best in the Business working for you.

HBE will send in our Team to provide the coaching your Agents need, the support they lack and the knowledge that is essential in this market. Our Team will deploy and tackle those everyday challenges with discipline and strategies unique to HBE! With our combined history of 50 years experience, there is no scenario or market that we have not experienced!


There’s nothing like LIVE training to bring POWER to your meetings. We provide the LIVE training, the Topics, the Media Presentations, the Agent Handouts, and the Agent Takeaways. All you need to do is call a meeting and all of the work is done for you.

Our clients can purchase from one month to a full year of sales training for their weekly sales meetings. This training is state of the art and speaks directly to new home sales professionals. It gives the agents takeaways that they can implement weekly into their selling routines. Once you have had HBE handle your meetings, you will never have ineffective sales meetings again. Our meeting will make a huge difference in your organization.

We also offer the same award-winning program in CD format!

Click here to purchase LIVE Sales Training To-Go Now! >>Click here to purchase CD’s Sales Training To-Go Now! >>

No time for meetings? Let us handle it for you. We can do it all!

  • Weekly or Monthly Sales Meetings, Topics and Takeaways
  • Sales Campaigns, Contests
  • Sales Rallys and Sales Retreats
  • Sales Presentations via Webinar, Live or Power Points on CD’s
  • Leadership Meetings, Retreats
  • Corporate Roll-outs
  • Customized topics built from scratch, just for your needs
  • Green Presentation Training and roll outs


We are all wearing many hats these days. Sales Leader doesn’t need to be one of them. Great sales teams are high energy and lots of work! Let us take the reins and help you get the most from your sales team:

  • Planning & leading sales meetings allowing you to roll out company policies, review goals, and keep your team aligned
  • Evaluating and training your team in the areas most critical to your success
  • Give the sales team weekly encouragement & guidance to stay on track
  • One on one coaching with documentation to manage performance issues
  • Recruiting and interviewing for the highest caliber additions to your team

The other aspect of Sales Leadership that may be missing is the ability to count on someone strategically. You don’t need a full time executive to weigh in at critical junctures.

  • We can do comprehensive competition analysis with an action plan to get challenged communities selling again.
  • Save yourself from expensive mistakes when opening a community. Let us review your proposed project and give you feedback BEFORE you put all of the money in the ground.
  • Product review. Do you know you have the right product for the community and price point? We can provide insight into the buyer wants & needs so you can have the most desirable product in town.
  • Senior Complexes and how to present the most effective designs for Seniors.
  • Marketing Campaigns such as E Blasts, Postcards Campaigns, Flyers and Sales Campaigns
  • Social Media Training, Strategies and Execution


As if shrinking teams (and budgets) don’t cause enough stress, this market has also created enormous pressure for getting decisions right the first time. This burden can be shared without the overhead of a full executive team.

  • Let’s start talking before any money is spent and get a strategy down that takes all perspectives into account.
  • Does the data “match” what we are seeing onsite? Let us make sure the data is relevant and reflects current trends.
  • Start-ups are expensive. We can help you get it right the first time by evaluating the product, marketing and pricing to make sure you are getting the best return.
  • As the market changed our systems did too. Are you sure you are getting the best results from your organization? Our extensive experience with different processes and structures will help us evaluate your team and processes to make sure you are maximizing everyone’s potential.

Do you have a community that is struggling?

  • We provide comprehensive competition analysis with an action plan to get challenged communities selling again.
  • Our experience gives us a foundation to review the community from many different perspectives and make recommendations that will get you the results you need.

Top Guns

Sometimes you need a Top Gun Sales Person and can’t find one. WE can!
We have highly trained sales teams for your more challenging projects.

  • Close out projects – When you need to sell those last few, give them to us! We are a broker, we know new homes, we will come up with an intensive marketing plan and move those homes you can’t.
  • Start up projects – Let’s face it, finding the best takes time. We are good at it. Let us help you find your top guns, our years of experience makes it so much easier. You have better things to do with your time.
  • Challenging projects – There are always those projects that you need extra special sales people to sell. Let us help you fill those positions.
  • Interview Assistance – There is nothing better than watching us interview and role play new hires and you become the observer. It is really the most effective way to hire.

Modular Builders

Building Your Business

There is business out there. But you can’t build until they sell.

  • Do your builders/developers have the skills to sell your product?
  • Do they sell at top dollar by increasing the value of your product?
  • Is your builder/distribution network as large as you’d like it to be?

Home Builder’s Edge has a variety of services that would improve your results on every level.

  • Sales training that can be offered from the factory or at a local level
  • Evaluation of “storefronts” with strategic suggestions for improvement
  • Builder support for start-up or struggling distributors

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