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Shirleen Von Hoffmann, better known as “The Queen of Sales”, is a Broker, Business Owner, Author, Keynote Speaker and all around expert in Sales and Customer Service Excellence.

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During my 30 year career as a Top Producer in Real Estate and Mortgage Sales, the one constant thing I noticed missing, no matter who I worked for, was the lack of support, training and understanding of Sales People and what they encounter day in and day out. If I wanted great training, it didn’t come from my Managers or Companies, I had to seek it on my own and pay for it myself. It really bothered me that Sales People don’t get the training and support they need. After many years as a Billion Dollar Sales Person, Team Leader and Manager I knew that my later-life career needed to be dedicated to supporting Sales People, Sales Managers and the Corporations who hire them.

My three businesses, “Home Builder’s Edge” , Sales Team Coaches and Creating VIP’s, focus on exceptional sales training, video and written employee performance evaluations and “VIP” customer service for Homebuilders and Luxury Facilities. I love to share my wealth of knowledge and simplistic sales wisdom with those who wish to achieve higher thresholds of sales and prosperity.

What you will notice immediately from my company is that in addition to our LIVE online training, coaching and seminars, we will come out, work with your Agents in the field, one on one and perfect their sales skills. We analyze their skills, good and bad and apply individualized Training and Coaching with them while they are in “Action”. It is a proven superior way of Sales Training because they learn better when they can practice and apply what they learn on the spot! You will see a difference in your Agent’s immediately!

We are located in Northern California and you can reach us at (866) 600-EDGE