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Are your Sales Agents closing the door or closing the deals?

At HBE, we provide services to help you sell homes. We are all about SALES!  Whether that be New Home Builders, Modular Builders or Realtors we have many services to offer you that will help you achieve Sales.

Many in the home buiding business have told us that they are struggling to find expert and effective sales training and managment for thier Sales Teams.  Even at a time of cutbacks, they tell us the need for excellent sales performamnce remains higher than ever.

That’s why in today’s tough home building climate, your Sales Team needs more than a consultant speaking from a podium, partial solutions and outdated methodologies.  HBE is the only company that offers  Home Builders, Modular and Realtors  the competitive edge of a fully realized, multi-faceted and proprietary system of sales training.

What differentiates the HBE system is the direct connection between Sales Training and Sales actualization–achieve through personalized coaching, on-site monitoring, real-time scripting, staging and role playing, and a direct “step through” sales process.  This combination is the most effective Sales Training possible an it’s uniquely available from HBE.  The result is nothing short of an absolute transformation of your Sales Force.

Close more sales by opening the door to opportunity with HBE!

New Homes Modular Homes Realtors - Connecting the Pieces

Sales Coaching

  • Team Coaching
  • One on one Coaching
  • Sales Manager Coaching

Sales Training

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • CD
  • Live
  • Sales Retreats
  • Management Retreats
  • Warranty Teams

Secret Shopping

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Competition Shops
  • Sales Agent Shops
  • Lender, Escrow, Option and Warranty Shops

Leadership Assistance

  • Project Review
  • Start Up Project Analysis
  • Community close out strategy and sales
  • Marketing projects; Advertising, Postcard campaigns, flyers, E-Blasts, Sales Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaign training and execution
  • Agent Interviews
  • Top Gun Placement
  • New Agent on site warm up and procedure overview
  • Lender Capture and Process Problem Solving


This is what your Agents might look like BEFORE HBE works with them…

…and AFTER HBE works with them

You will see from the moment we meet what a difference we can make in your organization.

Let’s face it, the market has forced many companies to deplete inner staffing and left Managers stretched thin, we hear it day after day.  Now is the time to fill those gaps with consultants like us.  We can help you put the pieces of the sales puzzle together, right now.

Give us a call and let us show you how we can give you and EDGE over your competition!  (866) 600 -EDGE (3343)


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