Lender Sales Teams

Most Mortgage Sales Coaches have never had any lending experience?
Here is an opportunity for you to hire a tenured top producer to train your sales teams!
Shirleen Von Hoffmann.

You can go anywhere to get Mortgage Coaching, but you won’t get the inner secrets that only a Top Producer like Shirleen Von Hoffmann knows. She consistently closed levels of business reaching 350 Million annually, year after year after year. She remained a top Producer for over 20 years and has been in the Mortgage business since 1981. As a Real Estate Broker and with a Masters in Residential Marketing,she not only knows the Secrets of Success, she knows them very well. She knows the in’s and outs of the Mortgage business and can take your sales teams from prospecting, to getting in the door, to preparing for and going on Builder/Realtor Presentations, to attaining and then once gotten, retaining that Business. Throw in some essential courses like Leadership, Time Management, and execution and you have yourself a Top Producer.
Getting a big Realtor or Hi Volume Builder Business can not only be complicated and it comes with years of experience and persistence, but once you have it, there are many systems that must be in place to handle the superior services levels and volume. It is a fine art and one that comes when you successfully produce over a billion dollars in primarily builder business. What other Sales Coach can tell you that?


Mortgage Professionals are a unique group of Sales People. They need to be proficient at many different elements. They must be good at Sales, Marketing, Account Acquisition, Finance, Organization, and Execution or they won’t be in the business very long.
The Mortgage Professional is at its foundation a sales career first and foremost. Mortgage Sales Coaching is a must for anyone to reach true success in the mortgage Industry. Every facet of the mortgage Industry centers around selling– from branding yourself, to attracting and acquiring referrals partners (Realtors, Home Builders, CPA’s, Clients), to getting mortgage loans approved and funded timely.
The mortgage industry spends untold amounts of time, resources, and energy on product, compliance and technology training. We often forget to spend time on coaching and training the most important part of our companies… OUR SALES FORCE. Without Sales Coaching, all of the other training is ineffective! With Sales Coaching, you can take one prime candidate and transform them into doing the production of 5 Loan Officers in a 6-month period. Deciding to compete at the highest levels requires you to work with the best; Home Builders Edge. Where we give our students that winning “Edge” over the competition.
At Home Builders Edge, we specialize in creating customized mortgage Sales Coaching for the mortgage professional, mortgage branches or entire mortgage companies. We bring 35 years of Top Producer expertise and hand it to your teams. Our coaching is real, relevant, cutting edge and delivered by the best.


  • Home Builder Certification Program for Mortgage Professionals
  • Top Producer Secrets (12 Step) Certification Program for Mortgage Professionals
  • How to find and get in front Builders and Realtors
  • Incredible Presentation Secrets to Builders and Realtors that are easy and get business
  • Creating Stunning and Unique Marketing and Packages that get remembered
  • Precision Reporting and Time Management
  • Marketing and Prospecting
  • Creating Lasting, Successful Partnerships
  • Mastering and Maintaining Monumental Success


At HBE, we take an active role in your success. Together we can create transformational change in your Sales and Sales Teams. We get our payment when we see your Team succeed at the highest levels.
Call us today and let us show you how we can make a difference in your Sales Team!